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Big deal for king

JUSTIN MARVILLE, [email protected]

Big deal for king

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DARIAN KING has proven he can hang with the world’s best on the court.

Now he’s about to do so off the court too.

The company that represents Cristiano Ronaldo, Peyton Manning, Brad Pitt and Beyoncé will do likewise for Barbados’ best tennis player after King joined forces with sports and entertainment’s greatest management agency, CAA (Creative Artists Agency). 

King broke the news in a telephone interview with the SATURDAY SUN after officially signing a three-year deal with the Los Angeles-based talent agency.

“They will be Darian’s representatives in terms of business and his professional career so they will be his face for the duration of the contract as they’re his management and agency,” explained older brother and coach Christopher King.

“They’ll basically get deals for him and then we pay them a percentage of what they bring in. It’s a simple management deal really where they go out and talk to companies on his behalf. They will seek out endorsements, get him into exhibitions, sort out his career path, get him involved in certain tournaments all around the world.

“They’re the biggest agency in the world and they have that leverage that I don’t have. I mean the company has Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwyane Wade, Peyton Manning so they have that reach that a normal person wouldn’t have,” added Christopher.


Latest big news

It’s just the latest big news for a truly historic season, where the 24-year-old has broken one record after another after becoming the first Bajan player to appear at the Australian Open.

The Bajan ace went on to win his first ever Grand Slam match at this year’s Wimbledon qualifiers before earning a historic wildcard to the upcoming Rio Olympics.

But it’s on the ATP circuit that King has really been turning heads following two successive title victories at major Challenger events.

“Darian is close friends with Fraces Tiafoe, who was first signed by Jay-Z and then he moved over to CAA, so they have been watching Darian as well and then he won the two tournaments so they took the opportunity to jump on him on the rise,” explained the elder King.

“I knew people had their eyes on him but I’m still surprised as this is something new because now he has an agency although that wasn’t the reason for getting this high but that’s what happens when you get there.

“Darian’s aim is to get to the top 100 so this is the time now where the extra things he couldn’t afford they will try to supplement for him so as to make his path to the top 100 more possible,” he added.

The deal is initially for three years with an opt-out clause in the final year that gives Darian the option to opt out of the deal altogether, restructure the deal or continue with it under its current terms.

King now joins prominent sporting stars like former England footballer David Beckham, retired New York Yankee shortstop legend Derek Jeter, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker under the CAA brand.

However, King will keep his current coaching and training team intact as CAA looks to manage the financial opportunities of his career.

“I’m pretty stoked to be a part of CAA now and I’m very grateful for their assistance because tennis is a very expensive sport so you have to get as much help as you can get but I am also happy that I get to keep my team around me,” said Darian.

“I know agencies come in and want to give athletes a new team but Chris told them we want to stick with our team and they agreed with us because they want the player to be comfortable with what they have and they will add on what they can.

“But I’m very surprised they sought me out because CAA has all these top athletes and artists in the world, so to be a part of that is huge. And the way I’m playing and how I am focused right now it just feels like it’s happening for me so I just have to keep sticking to it and practise hard,” Darian added.

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