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Evan the bottle stop patriot


Evan the bottle stop patriot

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EVAN CLARK is showing his love for Barbados in a creative way.

 The Union Park, St Philip resident has created a four-by-four foot display commemorating the island’s 50th anniversary of independence completely out of bottle stoppers.

“I was collecting stoppers for about ten years now. Every time I drank I collected the stoppers in a container. I didn’t want to throw them away. Two months ago I was actually going to throw them away but I said, ‘No, I’ll find something to do with them’,” he said.

Clark said he had originally planned to use only stoppers from Banks beer and Guinness, but someone suggested that his collection was extensive enough to make up the display of the Barbados map, with each brand representing one of the eleven parishes.

Apart from the map, the display depicts numbers 49 and 50, a broken trident, a flying fish and a bottle of rum.

“The number ‘50’ of course represents 50 years of Independence, but the 49 is very important, because October will be 49 years that me and my wife have been married. I said I have to do something for her,” said Clark.

Though the display is not yet finished, Clark said he felt he “just had to share it”.

He said that it took him nearly two weeks to bring the art to life.