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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Camp nudging the champ

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Camp nudging the champ

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FATHER TIME appears to be chiming for a person who has become a most unlikely title holder.

From what Cou Cou has been told, some of his supporters believe that in the interest of his camp he should hang up his gloves as the first ever undefeated champion and make way for one of his younger colleagues.

They feel that with his next scheduled title bout two years away, he should prepare one of his colleagues to fight that battle while he concentrates on strategy and implementing whatever mind games are needed to weaken his opponent.

The people pushing this believe that if the camp presents a new contender, particularly one who has created the impression in his contests to date that he has the ring craft to competently hold the title, that those presently unsure of who to bet on or are lining up to support another camp would rethink their decision. 

The old champion’s supporters disagree with this approach and said it would seem like he was running away from the fight. Also, given that his opponent would be a brawny female fighter, it would not augur well for his macho image to be seen walking away.

They are wary of the suggestions, too, as they feel this whole idea is being pushed by the supporters of a fellow camp member who has been hyping his image more than Muhammad Ali ever did.

Furthermore, the old champion’s supporters contend that regardless of age and other considerations, their man can whip his heavyweight opponent.

Minister mashing corns

SOME CALYPSONIANS are seething over the recent comment made by Minister of Community Development Steve Blackett that this year’s “competition songs are not as asinine as I anticipated regarding the Government and its performance”.

They said it shows how calypsonians, and their craft, are really viewed by those in power. They said, too, the fact that none of the top-rated artistes have bothered to respond to Blackett’s comments also shows how divided they are.

One old stager said if calypsonians saw themselves as a band of brothers and sisters as they should, then derogatory comments like Blackett’s would be swiftly responded to. According to him, calypsonians are supposed to point out in song the shortcomings and struggles within society. So for a minister of Government to refer to such compositions as asinine clearly shows that that minister has little appreciation for the art form.

Not taking the hint

A RECENT INCIDENT in the High Court has some senior attorneys questioning why some young lawyers don’t respect the well known boundaries in the court.

From what Cou Cou was told, two experienced attorneys who are not Queen’s Counsels sat in the front bar along with two juniors. Another attorney, who was more senior than all the others, did not venture into this hallowed space.

The presiding judge seemed not to be at all amused, but, instead of making a fuss, diplomatically indicated their thoughts by asking the most senior attorney if he wanted to also come into the front bar to sit. The most senior attorney declined the invitation, smiling. The judge then gave the two more senior attorneys permission to sit.

One of the juniors immediately realised the hint at his folly and stepped out of the front bar. But the most junior of all continued sitting, seemingly oblivious of what was happening.