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MAVIS BECKLES: Crop Over fever everywhere


MAVIS BECKLES: Crop Over fever everywhere

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NUHBODY AIN’T GOTTA tell you dat it is Crop Over time or, as duh call it, the Sweetest Summer Festival. everywhere ya turn ya could hear the loud music blaring, especially from the cars.

I ain’t gine tell ya nuh lie: I ain’t get out much this year tuh any o’ the events but from watching the different Crop Over programmes pon television and reading the newspapers every day, ya could see people in the thousands at the different events. Duh say dat Soca pon the hill was jammed, Bushy park had ovah ten thousand people, Pan Fusion had a bumper crowd and dat is just tuh name a few o’ the big events.

As I said, I ain’t went out much but last Saturday night I decided dat I gine out and I gine tell ya, I had a good time too. I took the opportunity tuh pass through the gap . . . . leh muh tell ya: people was all ovah the place and the music was coming from evah single nightspot. I had tuh say tuh a girlfriend who was wid me dat I ain’t know the last time, day or night I went through St Lawrence Gap. it was alive, hear wha’ I tell ya. People was all ovah the place and the the cars was driving at snail’s pace, bumper tuh bumper. It took me a good half-hour tuh get outta there but I was enjoying it

Then I take my time and drive all the way down the south coast just taking in the night’s atmosphere and checking dat every li’l bar I pass. there was music and people having a good time. I had tuh say dat Barbados ain’t quiet at all and the south coast from Oistins all the way down does be a hive of activity.

I also had tuh say dat judging from the amount o’ hired cars pon the roads, the people ya hearing talking wid different accents pon the island, it look like it gine be one o’ the biggest Crop over festivals in a while. Well, the whole thing gine climax on Monday and although ya hearing people saying dat duh ain’t got nuh kinda money in Barbados, dat a lot o’ people ain’t wukking nuh where and businesses folding up because things hard, wait and see the amount o’ people ya gine see in the bands pon Kadooment day in duh costumes doing the dog pon the road.

Talking ’bout doing the dog, I know dat my girl Hillary Clinton aint know nutten ’bout dat term but I know dat after winning the nomination from the democratic party tuh run fuh president of the United States of America, all like now so, she gotta be doing the dog.

Eight years ago history was made in the United States when Barack Obama, a black man, was elected tuh be president of the United States. Today, it look like history is again being made wid Hilary Clinton, the first woman tuh run fuh the presidency.

I listen tuh first lady Michelle Obama’s speech in support of Hillary Clinton and then I listened tuh her husband Bill Clinton talking about his wife and I had tuh say dat the woman is truly a go-getter, a hard-working, intelligent woman and as duh say, a change maker.

I would love tuh see she beat the fuzzings off o’ dah one Donald trump. he is a real character in trute. I ain’t now if he understand yet dat it is a whole country he would have tuh run. I think he got it in he head dat um is a reality show and dat he could hire and fire people at will. He got some very strange ideas in he head and I is one o’ the people who believe dat if he was tuh become president o’ the United states, he would would put dem in all sorts o’ hot water, more than duh in right now.

We just have tuh wait and see how sensible the American people are.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.