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Safe and fun Foreday Morning Jam

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Safe and fun Foreday Morning Jam

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WUKING UP AND GETTING DOWN and dirty on the wet, paint and mud stained road, the revellers in the BL&P/Roberts Manufacturing Foreday Morning Jam made their way to Spring Garden, from Queens’s Park and BTI carpark on Bay Street .

Watched closely by the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Barbados Defence Force, both revellers and spectators behaved reasonably well.

The only trouble they posed was keeping inside the ropes and out of the bands, respectively.

There were as many spectators as revellers, lining the roads from Queens Park, by DaCosta Mannings, Pierhead, on the Wickham Lewis Boardwalk along Wharf Road.

With a smooth start from Queen’s Park at minutes after 11 p.m., it was quite the opposite over at the BTI Carpark on Bay Street where “mas” confusion reigned as no one could say who was in charge and bands milled around for over three hours before moving off.

Seventeen bands had Queen’s Park as their starting point. Parked there was MP100 with acting Commissioner Tyrone Griffith standing at the main gates with other ranked officers, keeping an eagle eye on everyone who was milling about.

From Queens Park, to past the Treasury Building, up to Probyn Street and on Bay Street, portable lights were set up at strategic points, with a heavy police and soldier presence. 

The heavy downpour of rain twice seemed to make the jam sweeter as ladies protected their hairdos with plastic caps and scarves.

There were 57 registered bands. (NS)

Scenes from Foreday Morning 2016.