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Seven hours of early morning revelry

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

Seven hours of early morning revelry

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COVERED IN PAINT, mud and powder, thousands of revellers filled the streets for over seven hours for the Roberts/BL&P Foreday Morning Jam.

True to the vibe of Foreday Morning, the small, medium and big came out to party in costumes ranging from T-shirts and shorts, to stripped vests and thongs; lace tights and netted stockings; panty shorts and in footwear ranging from boots to pumps and sneakers. 

The men were simpler in just T-shirts.

The costumes seemed to have gone back to the original concept of T-shirts, with just a couple of bands adding colourful, short tutu skirts over the bikini bottoms or having whole pieces.

This year it had a very early starting time, and some people, it seemed, were not warned that Foreday Morning Jam was pushing off at 11 p.m. and had to play catch up to their bands.

The first band from Queen’s Park was Chocolate Army, followed by Calabash, Who’s Wasted and 37 Tribes.

From the two City starting points of Queen’s Park and BTI carpark on Bay Street were Damage Kontrol, Fashion of Splendour, Rumatology, Wukungunya, Dutty Angels, 50 Shades of Blue, Linyx Barbados, Only In the Tropics, Collision, Envy Mas and more.

Spectators watched from outside the ropes, but also dared to catch some unsuspecting bumper next to the rope to get a wuk-up.

With some long periods of being stationary, some of the bands seemed weary by the time they passed the Port, but some perked up when they saw photographers vying to take their pictures.

By 2:30 a.m., the first band from the Queen’s Park starting point had just reached Chefette, Harbour Road, while the first band from by the BTI carpark was just leaving.

The very heavy police and soldier presence seemed to deter squabbles or anyone having any thoughts of causing trouble.  

There was no Roberts Manufacturing band this year again for the second time so the stragglers and spectators who didn’t want to pay between $150 to $250 to jump with a band had to settle for a revellers truck sponsored by First Choice Sound Systems called King Of The Road.

At 6:08 a.m., behind the Nation’s gate were more than 100 police and soldiers urging them along and immediately behind were Sanitation Services Authority workers, already on the job cleaning the streets. (NS)


Spiderman getting a wine on a bumper. 

Police and soldiers on the road for Foreday Morning Jam.

If you left your flag or scarf at home, there were some available on the route.

Sanitation Services Authority workers were not far behind the revellers, cleaning the streets