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TALKBACK: Thumbs down to highway closure for Day 2 jump

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Thumbs down to highway closure for Day 2 jump

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A DECISION TO CLOSE OFF a section of the Ermie Bourne Highway (East Coast Road) stage the Day Two jump up has drawn the ire of many Barbadians.

Organisers say the event won’t be catering to spectators, so if you are not jumping in a section, stay away from the area. But East Coast Road is home to Barclays Park, one of the island’s most popular picnic spots.

Some online readers said they had already made plans to go with family on the day and a church event was also scheduled to be held at the venue.

They want to know how they will be affected by the road closure, if it applies to buses and vehicles and the organisers of Day Two should have booked a private venue rather than closing a public road.

Here are their reactions:

Rodnee Clarke: Seeing that people live in that area and as far as I know that is not a private road, how can you tell people stay away?

Cammy The Bomb: Yuh in gotta worry, yuh know Bajans, dem run to fire and run from de rain, so telling dem fuh keep away is just a joke, reverse psychology

ch: Public road paid for by taxpayers so . . .he can take his ignorance somewhere else.

Sue Holder: This must be illegal. You can’t ban the public from a public place for a jump up! What about people that live there? Do you expect them to vacate their houses for the day? What about the 100s of people that head to the East Coast for family beach days on a Bank Holiday. You’re denying people of their rights as citizens and please make sure you explain it to all the tourists that head to the East Coast to see the dramatic coastline.

Noelle Attaway: Wait, so East Coast Road for sale? You mean to say that on a national holiday Bajans will not be able to do the traditional pastime of picnicking on the East Coast? How did this happen? All for 1 000 persons to drink and litter in private? We cannot even watch . . . I really would like to know how and for how much a private entity could take over our national park?

Javon Griffith: This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have heard in months. A public holiday where families would head to Barclays Park to hold picnics and family gatherings and apparently now you can’t. How are employees of Santosha, Round House, Sea-U Guest House and the Atlantis Hotel who take the Bathsheba bus from Speightstown to get to work on Tuesday? Are the organisers going to fly them to work by helicopter? If so, let me know so I can inform my employees.

Tishani Springer: Next time y’all want a private jump, do it on private property. Dave Leacock: This is utter nonsense.

Sarah Pomeranz Layne: The organisers of this event cannot stop people from travelling on public roads unless the government/police and so on, have given them permission to do so.