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Cops ground Cloud 10

TONI YARDE, [email protected]

Cops ground Cloud 10

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THE JARRING HALT TO THE CLOUD 10 all-white affair put on by Brewster’s Road Crew did no justice to the hours of fun, food and frolic enjoyed by the over 300 patrons.

The party – which was in full swing – ended abruptly when police pulled the plug on the music around 3 a.m. Saturday leaving some patrons questioning if the six-week festival would die a natural death if promoters continue to face challenges.

“Only six weeks we does got fuh de festival. It ain fuhever! I doan know why dem does caan ease up some times,” one patron said.

Some who were still very much in the party mood whipped out their cell phones, played music and started to dance. Others began to sing their favourite hits a capella.

“Stop this music now!” one person shouted in the direction of the police. The partygoers made merry in different ways until they had had enough.

There were those who seemed not bothered by the lack of music since they stayed on at the Rutland Estate, Warrens, St Michael location to lime, chat, laugh, drink and eat.

Director Tremayne Austin apologised to patrons and invited them to eat the food in the special VIP section and buy drinks from the bars that were opened.

The DJ announced that the music could be played but not loud. This was met with a swift response by a female officer who said: “Anyone who plays any more music in here tonight will be arrested and charged.”

Prior to that, all was well for the majority of the night for those lodged on Cloud 10. Everyone bedecked in white jammed to the sweet soca sounds of the DJs who frequently hyped the crowd by telling them that live performances from Edwin Yearwood and Hypasounds were forthcoming. But that was not to be. The General was scheduled to come on at 3 a.m. while The Kid – Hypasounds was to hit the stage at 3:30 p.m. Both artistes – dressed in white and eager to perform – left previous engagements to be a part of the night’s festivities.

“I was really looking forward to shelling down Cloud 10 tonight. I came here hyped and ready to perform for the people. It is really unfortunate what happened,” Hypasounds told EASY magazine.

While the Bam Bam Back singer chatted with the magazine we were interrupted by fans who constantly approached and told him how eager they were to see him perform.

The General too had stuck around a bit after the police came to see if there would have been a change of heart. He too was excited about performing at the fete.

“I not too long came off the Harbour Master from our cruise and headed here to give the BRC massive a good show. I am just as disappointed as the people who paid their money to be here. But, it is what it is,” Edwin said.

In an interview with EASY Austin apologised on behalf of the group.

“All the patrons that came out to Cloud 10 I want to apologise for how abruptly the event ended. It was not within our control. We try to work with the Royal Barbados Police Force as much as we can. This will not happen again. On behalf of BRC Inc. thank you for your understanding and I hope you continue to support us.”