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DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I stay with cheating man?


DEAR CHRISTINE: Should I stay with cheating man?

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I am 24 years old and have been friends with a guy for almost two years. He gives me whatever I want although I am working.

Sometimes he treats me very badly by cursing and hitting me. I recently found out he was going out with my best friend and now she is pregnant with his child.

I really like him a lot but I broke off our friendship because of his unfaithfulness. He keeps calling me on the phone and coming by my house asking me to take him back.

He says he still loves me a lot. My parents also like him a lot and they don’t want me to leave him out. Please help me as I am confused and lonely.

I have never been unfaithful during the two years of our friendship, which I broke off because I am afraid that I will get hurt in the end. After all, he will be taken up with the baby.


Dear Confused,

Why would you want to stick around this man who curses and beats you? Your family is not the one to make the decision to release that man and let him go. You are the one who has to do so.

In fact, I feel but for the opinion of your family, your mind is pretty well made up that this young man cannot possibly bring you any real happiness.

Even before the baby came along, his way of cursing and hitting you cannot be excused. It is not the attitude of a real loving person.

Don’t return to the affair. He has given you two good reasons why you should leave him alone. Thank God that you are working and do not have to depend on the things that he gives you.

He is not worthy of you, and that’s that.