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Bajan mysteries and myths


Bajan mysteries and myths

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RECENT ISSUES surrounding a roundabout, Bushy Park, the cement structure by the Flour Mill and now the proposed hotel by Browne’s Beach raise questions about who controls this country, is there justice, is there corruption, what authority and power the Town and Country Planning officials have and are prepared to use, and so on.

The unauthorised importing and distributing of chicken wings, and the disclosure about label-changing on expired goods, are just a few matters that are hanging in suspense.

The recent announcement of plans to construct a major hotel in the area of Browne’s Beach is raising serious questions about what interaction and due diligence are in place to prevent proceeding without full and proper authority. Bajans need to wake up and protect Browne’s Beach from encroachment by the rich and mighty.

The claim that all beaches in Barbados are public is a myth. Take a look at many of our beaches, the best ones in particular, and try to access them. Hotel properties, hostile security guards and inadequate “Public Access” will provide the truth.

It is not clear if certain individuals are obtaining, by one means or another, sub rosa protection in flouting authority, or if our legal and operational structures are wrapped in slumber under the cosy closely-knit blanket of our comatose leadership.

Hopefully this newspaper will follow these and other matters and not continue to report in grenade fashion. That is, throw matters out there in the news and then take off and leave readers not knowing the consequences.