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Plans for bridge between St Kitts and Nevis


Plans for bridge between St Kitts and Nevis

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BASSETERRE – Proposals are being considered by the federal Cabinet to construct a bridge to connect St Kitts and Nevis which would bring greater ease of travel between the twin-islands.

At the recent Discussions for Prosperity town hall meeting in St Peters, Minister of Public Infrastructure Ian “Patches” Liburd announced that there were two proposals awaiting consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers which could see the much talked about bridge come to fruition.  

“I commit to you that as the Minister of Public Infrastructure that I will drive that [initiative],” he said, to much applause from the audience. “And I know I have the full support of the entire Cabinet and the Minister of Finance [Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris].”

Minister Liburd said this project would bring the peoples of the islands closer together and facilitate greater inter-island travel. He referenced plans that the Federal Cabinet already had of alternating meetings between St Kitts and Nevis.

Last September, the Independence State Service was held in Nevis and Prime Minister Harris announced that one of the events for the 33rd Independence celebrations would be held in Nevis in September. Officials also pointed to a predicted increase in economic activity and suggested that a greater distribution of such would take place between the two islands if there were a bridge.

Minister Liburd said he expects the project to be completed before the end of the first term of the Government of National Unity, which constitutionally ends in 2020. (SKNIS)