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Jason likes juggling a career

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Jason likes juggling a career

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THE LIFE of Jason “Bobby Havoc” Rampersad is a balancing act and around this time he is juggling more than he can handle.

The professional juggler revealed that as a musician, in-line skater, and part-time teacher sometimes he even finds it hard to keep up with himself.

“I do so many different things, I am multi-talented. From the time I was at Barbados Community College I enrolled to study drums as my main instrument but ended up being real good at playing the guitar, even though I was studying drums,” he boasted.

Jason has used his musical ability to do some travelling, recalling the time he was with the alternative rock band called The Longest Night. They were invited to Hollywood to perform at two popular clubs – The Mint and King King Hollywood.

“That was awesome; it was like the peak of my musical career,” he said.

The former Ellerslie student said he is looking to team up with local musical sensation Ayana John at some point to do some more music.

But for now he is focused on working as a professional juggler on the hotel circuit.

Jason, the last of six children, said that he is currently being paid for doing what he loves.

“I love being at Sandals Resort. It’s like my hard work is paying off finally after16 years. Now I am juggling professionally and I never thought I could do that. I’m making money from it which is cool. Deep inside I always told myself there was more to what I was doing and I was too talented [to be lapsing],” he said.

But to ask how it all started the 31-year-old traced it back to the time he was learning to rollerblade at age 13.

“I wanted to learn somersaults after learning to skate. Then I went to do gymnastics and I loved it so much that I went on to compete at age 15. I was told that I was a fast learner,” he said.

Back then he was a shaggy bear while at school, with local gymnast Michael Taitt. Jason was impressed by the quickness of hand by the jugglers and he practised until he surpassed the talents of his teachers.

“I started with rocks, then I went on to clubs and I even got my older brother Gabriel involved,” he added.

Jason said his parents were always supporting and cheering him on from the sidelines.

“People don’t understand the potential juggling has and the attitude they carry is way different to those overseas,” he said. “I know of people who compete for Barbados in gymnastics and have more supporters overseas than locally.”

The owner of Bobby Entertainment  caters to children’s parties, fêtes, cruises and other events.

“I purchase what I need online and I’m looking to extend my staff complement,” he said.

Currently Jason works with close friend Carl Kellman who has been in the business for over 12 years.

“It’s a big thing overseas. People have conventions specifically for jugglers but we have not gotten there as yet. They see people juggling as clown [behaviour] when really [there’s more to it].”