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HEALING HERBS: Portulaca good for healing

ANNETTE MAYNARD-WATSON, [email protected]

HEALING HERBS: Portulaca good for healing

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“The first time ever I saw your face

I thought the sun rose in your eyes

And the moon and the sun were gifts you gave . . . .”

– by Roberta Flack

I FOUND MYSELF looking into the mirror and singing the above song to myself last week. I believe I was singing it to create thousands of positive thoughts in my mind.

Now you may ask why would Annette Maynard-Watson want to create so many positive thoughts? I was forced to go on a revival mission because I came across some very unfair allocations which were placed in my way to create happiness for someone else for the next academic year.

However, I spent much time talking to my family and coaches to pinpoint the best solution to cope with this injustice. At the end of the exercise, I formulated an excellent plan to cater to my spiritual growth. I will share this insight with you in November. 

Readers, when you are faced with unjust situations, there are two options: face them and move on with positive solutions, or stay in the same place and complain. In this case I am moving on and using my spiritual gifts to empower others while singing positive songs to myself. We are all earth angels with the power to overcome the unjust.

As I progressed through this experience, silent doctor portulaca offered comfort. Portulaca is a very powerful, unassuming plant. Its trailing nature reminds us that growth is constant and we can regenerate and be omnipotent. Its amazing colourful flowers can motivate us towards happiness and eventually success.

Portulaca, or portulaca grandiflora hook, is a member of the purslane family. Its Latin name is portula which means “little gate” because the top of seed capsules will open like a gate. Go near and observe them. This type of portulaca is edible and the leaves, stems, flowers, juice and root are used for healing.

Research has revealed that the leaves can treat scurvy. It can treat cirrhosis of the liver, swelling, pharyngeal pain, sore throat, skin rash, snake bites, scalds and eczema. You can wear the leaves and flowers around the neck to relieve muscle spasms and neck pain. The Chinese use it to treat tumours and for cancer care.  

Finally, I urge you to always try to be fair in making decisions about yourself and others. I take this time to apologise to all persons who felt I treated them unjustly. If I did, it was not deliberate.

So go out there and plant your portulaca and sing a sweet song.


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