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Bajans brush aside Canada


Bajans brush aside Canada

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SHONICA WHARTON led Barbados to a predictable 67-15 win over Canada in the Under-21 AFNA World Cup qualifiers at the LB Scott Sports Auditorium last night.

Once again the Canadians looked way out of their depth as Wharton with a game high 37 goals from 41 carried the Bajans closer to qualifying for next year’s finals in Botswana.

Shonica’s former Graydon Sealy teammate Vanessa Reid-Cox shook off moments of uncertainty to contribute 18 goals from 25 attempts.

Barbados led from the onset with leads of 10-4, 35-8, and 54-10 before handing the Canadians their second mauling at this tournament. Talia Tvergyak led the Canadians with eight from 13 while Holly Butterworth added six from 14.

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