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Khadijah’s special touch


Khadijah’s special touch

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Blvc Allure is the name of Khadijah Trotman’s business.

She chose it because she wanted something unique for the almost two-year-old home-based operation which she would like to take regional.

“I got into the business from around secondary school. I was always good with my hands so I obviously used to do stuff by myself. A lot of people used to ask me who did my hair, my face. My first ‘guinea pig’ was my sister when crochet braids were popular. I did it and then she posted the picture and that’s how the business started,” Trotman recalled.

The businesswoman told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY that she was surprised by the response she got to the post because “I didn’t think I would have gotten so big” even though she knew the style was popular and the make-up was on point.

“People asked me if I was self-taught or if I went to classes but as I said before I’m good with my hands and if I see something and I put my mind to it I get it done,” Trotman said.

She watched tutorials on YouTube “almost every day” to hone her skills after the interest shown.

“I love to do everything about make-up. I take about 45 minutes because I like to take my time, I don’t like to rush, when I rush I might not get to do what I know I can do properly.

“I love when I’m finished and I see the look on the person’s face, it just makes me happy because I love what I’m doing and I love to make people happy at the end of the day,” she said. She has done make-up for a range of events including Crop Over and she said that her clients say she is the most affordable in the business.

Business has slowed at this point but for a good reason as she takes care of her months-old son who she adores, but next year she has plans to ramp up the business, including managing her social media pages where she posts tips on hair and make-up.

She said was that while Crop Over is a busy period, there are fetes and events afterwards that bring business.

She noted that this year she did faces because she was unable to dance, which she usually did with the late Renee Ratcliffe.

To make it easy for clients, she also makes house calls.

Trotman is a dancer with the Israel Lovell Foundation and also models. So she would like to use these avenues to help grow Blvc Allure.

She also applies make-up for the group’s events.

“When I’m going to do the make-up, I start about three hours before the show. Sometimes the adults perform with the children – you don’t have to do a lot with the children,” she said.

“In the new year, I am trying to invest in a professional camera. A lot of times I’ve done a face and when I take a photo, the camera I have now doesn’t do it justice. I’m trying to make the photos and the overall page look more professional.

“If I get the finances, I want to do tours – even if it’s only the Caribbean – to do make-up and teach people how to be more aware of the beauty of their natural hair and other things.”

For now, Trotman gives hair tips on her Facebook and Instagram pages “every other week”, like what to look for in a conditioner or shampoo, reviews of products and so on.

As a hairstylist, she does everything from crochet braids to four locks.

“I would like to deal with natural hair. A lot of people ask if I do washes and treatments; these are some of the things I’m trying to start in the new year.” (GBM)