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High time service providers realise customer is king


High time service providers realise customer is king

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THE CUSTOMER PURCHASES goods or services from a buyer as in the case of a tangible good or extends patronage of a client in a service. The customer is king in that he is spending his money which keeps the business going.

We must try at all times to ensure customer satisfaction because it provides the marketer or retailer with the resources to continue in business. It is the yardstick as to how goods are supplied. It is the indicator as to how well the business is doing and if there is room for improvement. Retailers or marketers should always be trying to improve customer satisfaction in an effort to maintain or enhance their market share.

Customer satisfaction is the chief driver for customer repurchase. Such variables as stock turns, repeat purchases and customer loyalty can be determined by customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction allows businesses to survive in this cut throat capitalist environment. The ones which survive are those which offer the best customer satisfaction sometimes determined by ambience, product range, price customer experience and service.

Customers not only move around for cheaper prices, but the level of service plays a significant role in customer behaviour. The whole aim should be to exceed customer expectations. The lifetime value of a customer is very important to all retailers. The satisfied customer contributes significantly more than a flirtatious customer. The totally satisfied customer contributes more than a partially satisfied one. Retailers should try to keep their customers coming back, and by extension, spending more.

It is obnoxious to customers to see service providers get up from their ports without informing them or carrying on running conversations amongst themselves. Not even extending the basic courtesies. Customers are the ones who pay staff of businesses and should be thanked for their patronage. Service providers should go out their way to help the customer, remembering them when they receive their salaries, honouring all promises offered and being ethical.