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DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband leaving me for younger woman


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband leaving me for younger woman

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Dear Christine,

UNTIL RECENTLY I have had a fairly good marriage with my husband who is four years younger than I am. I am 46.

We have three children who all adore him. He also loves them very much. The blow came when he told me that he had met a woman who is eight years younger than he is.

Although he travels a lot on his job, I never once felt that such a thing would happen as he has always been a devoted husband and father. Now I am shocked beyond words. He has only known her for three months. During that time I’ve never suspected anything was going on because he was just as loving to me and the children.

Now he tells me he wants to leave me. He has asked for the children’s sake that I do not make a fuss. He has also promised to look after us.

It seems to me that this girl is not prepared to share him with anyone, even his own family. Christine, please advise me.

– G.J.


Dear G.J.,

I am sorry to hear about your dilemma. The relationship with this woman is new and if you let him go, once the novelty has worn off, he may return home.

There is of course the possibility that you may not feel the same way by then, but you can only know this when the time comes.

Of course, there is the alternative of fighting for your man. Let him know that you think he is acting foolishly to throw away the happy years you’ve shared as husband and wife.

He may still go, but there is at least a chance your frankness will sway him from the course he seems bent on.

I wish I knew a sure way for dealing with your personal crisis, but I don’t. I can only hope that he’ll change his mind about giving up all that he has cared for in the past.