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DEAR CHRISTINE: How do I tell mum about baby?


DEAR CHRISTINE: How do I tell mum about baby?

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DEAR CHRISTINE, A YEAR AGO I left my mother’s house to go and share an apartment with a girlfriend.

My mother was against it at first, but after seeing we could keep in touch with each other, she started accepting it, only giving the occasional warning to take care of myself.

Well, I am afraid to say I have not done that very well.

I am now three months’ pregnant and I know I will soon be showing. The baby’s father gave up coming to see me, soon after I told him what was what, and that my mother would expect us to get married.

Evidently, he had intentions that we could have gone on as we were, with him supporting the baby after it is born. I am so hurt and angry over his attitude that I have no intention of accepting any support from him.

My trouble now is to tell my mother. I am 19 years old and work in an office.

– F.D.

Dear F.D.,

Very soon you are not going to be able to conceal your pregnancy from your mother or anyone else. It would be much better if you told her rather than have her hear about it from someone else.

I am sorry to hear of the desertion of the baby’s father, but that seems to be the rule more than the exception.

You will feel a lot better when you share the problem with your mother who, I’m sure, though saddened by it, will support you through it. I hope you have a nice, strong, healthy baby.