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Reasons why Blacks are so passive


Reasons why Blacks are so passive

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THE MOST RECENT letter by Mr Dingwall is of great interest in that it correctly describes the action of the Nepali troops in Haiti. Operating under the banner of the United Nations, they created the conditions for the deadly spread of cholera.

Though some black countries got involved in demanding the payment of some form of compensation, it is generally true that such countries stand aside while passively observing the misfortunes of fellow black countries.

Yet Mr Dingwall, like many black people, prefers not to explain why universally Africans (Blacks) are so passive when their fellow men are involved.

There are a number of reasons why Blacks are so passive. Firstly, during slavery or colonialism, they were educated to hate themselves and to see any person with a hint of African blood as not worthy of attention. This feeling of self-hate has been stated in no uncertain terms by the distinguished Jamaican judge Patrick Robinson.

He said that we are still reeling from the ill-effects of this vicious, dehumanising aspects of colonialism that has left ingrained in the psyche of our people that they are not good enough and that what is foreign, if it is white (European or American), is better.

This idea of seeing fellow Blacks as not worthy of human treatment was clearly on view with the overthrow of Gaddafi. Black indigenous Libyans were being slaughtered with hardly a word from any Western leader, black president included.

Moreover the school curriculum of these countries does not mention the great empires such as Mali or Ghana. Neither does it refer to the great modern inventors such as Fredrick Jones who invented the refrigerator or Charles Drew who pioneered the blood bank.

In addition, according to respected former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan, Africa is being plundered by European and American mining companies.

I would like to add that little aid is given to soften the dire situation.

In short, very often, Africa and other Black countries are not in a position to help financially because they are made poor. Also in some cases, Africans in a weak position cannot afford to go against the policies of Europe or America by coming to the aid of other Africans. Economic sanctions are often the order of the day.

Again, Africans unfortunately accept a distorted view of Christianity which put forward the idea that God is a bearded man in the sky. They only have to pray and everything will be solved. This is a recipe for doing nothing.