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Push for new leg

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Push for new leg

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RICHARD MCGEARY wants to stand on his leg again even if it is artificial.

For the past three weeks the 50-year-old man, who lost his left leg 16 years ago in an accident, has been travelling to The City soliciting money from strangers, in the hope of getting a new prosthesis to replace his broken one.

So far, he has raised $1 500 out of the $20 000 he so desperately needs.

It was back in 2001 that McGeary travelled to England to get three protheses, including a water prosthesis, which he paid $55 000 for.

The money came from an insurance settlement he received after a car hit him while he was standing outside a friend’s house and cut off his left leg.

McGeary said the three prostheses had served him well over the years and he got so accustomed and dependent on them, that not having them would be a difficult adjustment for him.

As to the settlement he received, the Christ Church man said he built a house with two attached apartments, bought a vehicle, helped out family members and basically lived off the rest of the money.

But now, he said, it was all gone.

 No money

He lamented that over the years tenants had destroyed the apartments and both were unoccupied because he had no money to repair them and he could not rent them out in the condition they were in. In addition, his car is parked in need of repairs and he has no money to pay the road tax and insurance.

“Right now I am in a little jam,” he cried. “I am broke. There is a lot on my plate. I find myself in a problem like anybody else. It is not strange that I get into difficulty.”

 Disability cheque

Pointing out that his only income now was a disability cheque every month of $216, McGeary said that money was being used to pay bills and buy food.

Furthermore, he does not believe that he could function without the prosthesis.

“It is a great help. With crutches you get marks under your arms and they hurt. Without this prosthesis I would be vulnerable and disabled,” he said.

People who want to help McGeary can find him on Broad Street Monday to Friday or can deposit the funds into his Republic Bank account #021711731004. (MB)