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Oba backs US college route

EZRA STUART, [email protected]

Oba backs US college route

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THE UNITED STATES college route and constant competition against the best on the international circuit is the right track for Barbadian athletes seeking success. 

That’s the view of 2000 Sydney Olympics Games 100 metres bronze medallist Obadele Thompson, who accepted an athletics scholarship to study and compete in the United States when he was a teenager.

“One of the reasons why I left when I was 17 years old was because I was a national senior champion at 17 and I needed to learn how to go out there and what it is like to compete week in, week out against the best in the world, which is basically what you need to do to survive as a professional athlete,” Thompson said.

“You have to run fast, week in, week out and I think going through the university route is something that an athlete should consider if it is something that is available to them and also for an educational point of view,” he said. (EZS)

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