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What a funtastik time

LISA KING, [email protected]

What a funtastik time

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HUNDREDS OF PARENTS and their children packed into Kensington Oval on Saturday for the last bit of fun before they hit the books again today.

It was for the seventh Ovaltastik Fun City where they were treated to fun and games as well as entertainment from some calypso acts.

There were over 60 attractions, ranging from jumping tents, horseback riding, water slides and a petting zoo, to even a haunted house.

One of the organisers, Ben Toppin, said the attractions were suitable for toddlers and adults. He added that this year there were expanded attractions to lure the teens, including a show featuring calypso acts like Lil Rick, Hypa Kids, Stiffy and Skrilla.

Toppin said the crowd tended to peak around 6 p.m. “People tend to come out when the sun goes down and it is much cooler, and it was really hot today,” he added. (LK)