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DEAR CHRISTINE: Friends trying to break us up


DEAR CHRISTINE: Friends trying to break us up

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I need your help. Eight years ago I left my husband after a not so good marriage, and returned to my country of birth.

I met a very nice guy and we fell in love. I love him to his every wrong and now have a daughter for him.

He has another girl pregnant. So what! These things happen in this life and I have forgiven him.

However, my friends along with the people I work with, keep confusing me about what he does or where he goes. These friends of mine and his, who are no better than he is, are annoying me to get rid of him.

Get rid of him

They believe that I am for the taking and I will be theirs as soon as I get rid of him, but I don’t want any of them. I hope they see this and understand.

The women who call with news and tell me about him when I get to work, seem to want me to let him go so they can grab him. They don’t understand I have been loving him for too long now and I don’t intend to stop because I want him.

How can I tell these people not to bother or confuse me with malicious news, and to mind their own business?

Also, my husband is back here on holiday and wants to take me, his son, my daughter and my mother back to . . . with him. He is begging me to give him another try.

Should I take his offer to get away from these people who are making my life miserable and who confuse me daily, and leave the man I really love? What should I do? The daily bother is getting to me. Please help.

– V.K.

Dear V.K.,

You seem to have a real “Days of My Life” script taking place in your life. How can one’s life be so complex?

I am surprised that you can be so indifferent to the fact that the man you love has another girl pregnant? Your “so what” attitude makes me feel you will accept anything providing you have him. Does this really make you feel happy?

If it does, then you’ll stay with him no matter what anyone else says. I hope that you will give your husband’s offer some serious consideration to mend your marriage, and return with him and the children.

A physical separation from the man you say you love should be a great help. Being so close to him will only confuse your resolution if you decide a break is what you should make, afterall physical presence weakens one’s conviction and dilutes one’s confidence.

I also feel that life in . . . with all it has to offer you and the children, will serve to compensate for the period of heartache which any breaking up brings about.

In time, this man you don’t want to get rid of might not even be a memory.