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DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help me find a friend


DEAR CHRISTINE: Please help me find a friend

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I AM A REGULAR READER of your column and I agree with your answers. You also help people to make friends.

I am a 16-year-old and do not have a boyfriend. I am also a shy person and not very attractive. When I see other girls my age with boyfriends, I always wish I had one too.

There are no clubs near my home that I can join to meet friends. Please tell me what I should do because I feel lonely and unwanted at times. I need a nice friend.

– A

Dear A:

There is absolutely nothing wrong in not having a boyfriend at 16. As a matter of fact, I think what appears to be an unkind fate has been very good to you and have kept boyfriends away from you. Should you desire friends? The answer is yes, but not a boyfriend in the sense that I think you mean.

Most girls who get deeply involved at such an early age usually live to regret it. Their youth is spoilt by early pregnancies. Their education is also arrested and in no time they are left to fend for themselves.

If you are at school try and take part in all activities such as games or some type of classes.

In the course of taking part in such activities and playing with other young people, you will make friends. You will have to show a willingness to be friendly also. Don’t expect people to come up to you if your general appearance is that of being unfriendly.

Concentrate on your school work and the success that should come from outright dedication will stand you in good stead in getting a job which will enable you to move among other people other than your home folk.