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Mum ‘queries injury, put out’ of GIS

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Mum ‘queries injury, put out’ of GIS

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A MOTHER’S LONGED-FOR visit to her daughter at the Government Industrial School (GIS) ended abruptly yesterday when she was reportedly ordered to leave the St Lucy compound by the police.

Michelle Marksman, who went public last month about concerns about the treatment of her daughter, requested the SUNDAY SUN to send a team to the Barrows, St Lucy custodial institution after the aborted visit. She was standing at the bottom of the road leading to the school, clutching a painting the 15-year-old daughter had given her, before the eviction.

Fighting back tears, Marksman said that she noticed a bruise on her daughter’s hand as they started to talk and she presumed it was from the bite which she understood her daughter had received during an altercation with a staff member three weeks ago.

“I went inside and I hug my daughter and she gave me this painting,” Marksman said. “I look down at her hand and saw the bruise and I ask her what happened to her hand and she told me Miss —- is who bite her. (MB)


Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Sun, or in the eNATION edition.