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TALKBACK: Unsightly garbage creates a stir online

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Unsightly garbage creates a stir online

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FOR SOME TIME NOW, Barbadians have been complaining about the amount of garbage littering the island. With poor disposal and an unreliable collection service, it is not unusual to see mounds of garbage in numerous districts.

Complaints have fallen on deaf ears and Bajans have even been chided for the amount of garbage they generate, but visitors have started complaining about the unsightly mess.

Marsha Alleyne of the Clean Bim Programme says one of the things which keep coming up among repeat visitors “is the fact that the nation is getting dirtier and dirtier each time they actually arrive back in Barbados”. She stressed it needed to be fixed before it became a tipping point.

Online readers also weighed in on the issue.

Canute: Litter islandwide has been catching the eyes of every Tom, Dick and Harry, Bajans and visitors alike for months. Maybe we will have another minister saying that politicians are not to blame for this either.

Calypsocalover: Maybe now, we will get some action. We cannot mess with the last and only lifeline it seems that Barbados has. But I also agree that Bajans are “one dirty lot” of people. Much more can be done to reduce the unsightly state of the island from a personal level. However, there must also be a statewide strategy to deal with such.

The Silly Rabbit: Maybe the comments from the visitors will get some attention from the Government since they have very little regard for what the citizens say. We cannot keep electing people who will not respond to quality of life issues when confronted.

Erica Murray: What took them so long? Do we need strangers coming to our shores to tell us that it needed cleaning? The only way Barbadians will clean up their acts is if all the tourists stop coming for a season, and state their reasons. Maybe then they will understand.

Cynthia Taitt: It’s a big disgrace and a burning shame, and each and every one is to blame. It’s time for individuals to take their heads out of the sky and clean up the island. Stop the filth!

Peggy Stoute Morin: They’re kidding themselves if they think the visitors just noticed the trash. Let’s see if this lights a fire under anyone.

Cecilia Patricia Sanders: This is a disgrace – garbage pile-up, no water, roads are so bad you can hardly drive on them, bushes overtaking the roads making it more dangerous to drive on the bad roads, groceries and other things are so high and the Barbados Government keeps taxing the people. This is exhausting.

Impress Asha Pilgrim: I really wonder if the minister responsible for the (proper) collection and disposal of commercial and domestic garbage don’t drive around the country and see the piles of garbage being accumulating daily and no (proper) collection on a weekly basis?

Cindy Rickerby: [I] was asked to complete a survey while waiting in departures at the airport last year. My comments were about the disgusting piles of rubbish I saw across the island.

Kenrick Gill: It is always someone else’s fault. Everyone needs to play their part in the clean-up effort. Stop the foolish indiscriminate dumping.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.