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St Kitts commends Cuba, Venezuela and Taiwan at UN


St Kitts commends Cuba, Venezuela and Taiwan at UN

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NEW YORK – St Kitts and Nevis has commended the Republic of Cuba, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of China (Taiwan) for their remarkable support in the socio-economic development of the Federation, although these countries have not always received strong support in the international community.

The accolades came from Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris as he addressed the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Saturday.

“Mr President, many of the difficulties, I have outlined, have been made less burdensome because the Government and people of St Kitts and Nevis have been fortunate to have benefited from some durable and meaningful partnerships. These have been integral to our efforts to build resilience, to transform our country, to modernise our economy, to upgrade our workforce, educate our people and empower our citizenry.”

Dr Harris sang the praises of what he called “outstanding models of South-South cooperation worthy of emulation”.

“Cuba’s support to the developing world in education and training, health care, agriculture and heritage development dwarfs the assistance of many economically advanced countries. Venezuela’s Bolivarian energy outreach through Petro-Caribe is an important model. There must be a greater commitment to shared prosperity,” Prime Minister Harris said.

“Additionally, Mr President, in the last three decades, the tangible support of the Government and people of Taiwan has been remarkable. Taiwan, has stood shoulder to shoulder with the Government and people of St Kitts and Nevis and remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting our determination to meet our people-empowerment agenda.  Their help and solidarity touch almost every facet of life in our twin-island Federation,” he said.

Prime Minister Harris added: “These advantages and benefits should not be limited to a few countries. I know that Taiwan is eager to share its progress and development successes with the rest of the world. I therefore welcome new opportunities for Taiwan and its people to be warmly welcomed and integrated into the international fraternity of Nations as a global player, whose commitment to the principles of democracy, peace, and people empowerment can touch many more lives. 

“Mr President, the future of our planet and our citizens cannot be outsourced to any one country or group of countries. These are collective commons that – in today’s highly interdependent and integrated world – demand the full participation of all countries and their citizens.”  (SKNIS)