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FIRE SERVICE WEEK: Reduce the Risk


FIRE SERVICE WEEK: Reduce the Risk

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In recognition of Fire Service Week 2016, NATION Online will be reproducing a series of articles on fire safety and fire prevention.

AS WITH ANY situation, knowledge is power. If you want to feel safe and secure in your home and daily life, it is important to know how to handle any situation no matter how unlikely.

Being prepared may seem to some like a fool’s errand, but the knowledge to handle a situation puts you in the position of mastering fate.

The Barbados Fire Service Training and Development Unit was established on January 1, 2006, under the instructions of Chief Fire Officer Chesterfield Mayers.

The mandate of the unit was to develop an entity to provide relevant and up-to-date professional development and training for all members of staff and fire safety training for the public.

With a comprehensive website and an effective list of programmes suited to all fire-related phenomena, the Barbados Fire Service is primed and ready to help educate the Barbadian public in the proper ways of dealing with fires from prevention, preparation, enduring the ordeal, and the inevitable aftermath. fire-prevention

From the Career Showcase to Fighting Fire with Fire Prevention, there are a great many useful programmes offered by the Barbados Fire Service to educate and instil confidence in the Barbadian public in case of the unthinkable.

The Career Showcase Programme has the purpose of presenting career information

to students and their parents to help them make informed decisions about their path to a career and to articulate the benefits of this exercise to the student, their parents, the business, and social communities.

The Station Tour Programme provides Fire Service-related information to the touring

participants so as to increase their level of fire safety awareness. It is also a means for residents and visitors to become familiar with the Barbados Fire Service and the products it offers to the community.

The Smoke Alarm Program is designed to ensure that smoke alarms are installed and are operating properly in all private and public residences. It is also intended to keep fire deaths and property losses at a minimum as well as to educate residents about fire safety and the importance of installing and maintaining smoke alarms.

The Aftercare Programme (Indirect Victim) provides indirect victims of residential structural fires with fire safety information, professional advice, and installs smoke alarms in their homes as a means of reinforcing the need to practise fire and life safety in the home.

The Aftercare Programme (Direct Victim) provides direct victims of residential structural fires with professional advice, appropriate council, guidance and assistance in beginning the rebuilding process after their property has been destroyed, damaged or affected in any way by fire or any activity involved in the suppression of such fire.

Operation Escape Bridgetown Risk Reduction Programme, is designed with the primary purpose of addressing fire prevention and fire protection in the city of Bridgetown and, at the same time, develop an intervention strategy.

Children’s Homes and Elderly Care Facilities Smoke Alarm and Safety Programme exists to ensure that some of the key elements of fire and life safety are addressed in these residential care facilities. It is also intended to improve the chances for human survival and minimise property losses through education.

Fighting Fire With Fire Protection Programme was created to sensitise the residents of the very dense residential areas in our urban districts about the need to equip their homes with fire protection devices, develop a culture of fire safety and good

housekeeping practices which can make the difference between loss of life and severe loss of property or no loss of life and minimal damage to property in the event of fire. It is designed to encourage community risk reduction and by so doing improve the likelihood of being ableto acquire insurance for their properties.