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DEAR CHRISTINE: Leave out the married man


DEAR CHRISTINE: Leave out the married man

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I am 19 years old and have fallen in love with a man who is in charge of a certain place of business. That’s where I work also.

He is not the top boss but he holds a good position. He was very kind to me when I first went on and forgave the mistakes I made. I now can handle the job well because of his patience and advice.

It was during the past Christmas holidays when we were working late that he offered to drop me home. Well, that was the beginning of him taking me home.

I should have stopped when he told me to walk along and he would pick me up at a certain place. He told me he did this because people were quick to talk when there was nothing in it. Well, since then there is something in it as we are now lovers.

Anyhow, I noticed recently he has been leaving me to walk home and when he does this, he says it’s because his wife wants him at a particular time or he has to go early for the children.

I am very jealous of his wife and children, although he tells me there’s no need for this because he really loves me.

What should I do?

– L.W.

Dear L.W.,

You should stop associating in the way you are doing with this man at once.

He is not free to court you. I know it won’t be easy to put him out of your mind but if you were to keep up with your clandestine meetings and mating, it is going to bring you a whole lot more heartache when he leaves you altogether.

I feel already he is beginning to lose interest. There are many years ahead for you during which you are likely to meet someone who is unattached and can court you without hurting anyone.

 It’s going to take some time forgetting, but there will be a time, if you start making that effort now, when he won’t matter that much.

Look after yourself and leave off this love affair with this married man.