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Residents still out and about despite storm warnng

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Residents still out and about despite storm warnng

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IN THE WAKE of numerous safety precautions being issued to residents by the Department of Emergency Management about Tropical Storm Matthew, some residents continue to traverse the nation’s roads.

Many pedestrians continue to brave the weather navigating among fallen tree branches, leaves and puddles seen along the South Coast of the island.

What appeared to be an electrical power line had fallen in St Lawrence, Christ Church, making the road impassable.

Two motorists heading south were observed lifting the wire from their car windows, with their bare hands, in an effort to clear their path and continue along their journey.

One motorist even got the wire caught in his car door before moving off.

Thankfully a police vehicle happened along at the same time, and with the right tools managed to lift the wire and hook it onto a nearby wall making the road once again passable. (RA)