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MAVIS BECKLES: Bajans love tuh complain


MAVIS BECKLES: Bajans love tuh complain

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I AIN’T KNOW why some Bajans does make demselves suh miserable and confuse ovah evahthing so; evah single thing does bother dem. No matter what it is or who it is; it could be a big thing, a small thing or nutten at all, according tuh the old people, dem does make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Now fuh instance, duh doan have nuh end tuh beauty pageants in Barbados and young women of all kinds o’ complexions and from all walks of life does enter dem. But a couple o’ weeks ago duh had the Miss Barbados beauty pageant where the winner would represent Barbados at Miss Universe in I think, duh say Manila, the Philippines early next year.

Well the emerging winner was a beautiful young Bajan white girl, who like all the other young ladies, entered the competition tuh win and be able tuh represent this country. But who tell she do dat? So nutten aint wrong wid entering the competition aw’right? But who tell she tuh go and win?

The young lady won fair and square hear? Up tuh now I ain’t hear one soul talking bout any kind o’ favouritism nor nothing so. But all of a sudden some disgruntled body who ain’t had nutten tuh do, andwho obviously wanted dem family tuh win, decide tuh start up wid the race foolishness pon social media. Who tell dem do dat? Now a few more like dem who ain’t had nutten whatsoevah tuh do wid it nor couldn’t care less bout nuh pageant, get on pon the people radio stations and in the papers talking a whole lot o’ foolishness bout race.

I have tuh remind some o’ these kinda confuse people dat before duh start carrying on bout the white and black thing, duh should first take a good look at the different colours or complexions of some o’ the members of their families. I really ain’t know nuh pure white nor pure black Bajans, all hand o’ we mix up.

The few people who jumping on pon the race bandwagon and talking a lot o’ junk, ain’t have one thing tuh worry bout. If dem was like the people in St Peter, St Thomas or St Andrew who ain’t get running water fuh weeks or St Joseph wid both road and water problems but still have tuh get on wid their lives as usual, dem won’t have nuh time tuh confuse duhselves bout a beauty pageant nor the colour o’ the person who win it. The colour ain’t nuh problem, she is a Bajan.

We have so very much tuh be grateful for but we prefer tuh complain. Even when we get good information and warning bout a storm dat, thank God, pass we and wreck havoc pon other islands all through the Caribbean and now got the people in Florida running, we does still complain; something is always wrong.

Look, the sea egg season just start and from day one the fishermen have been hauling in big able nets full o’ sea eggs. A delicacy dat Bajans love and all sorts o’ people have been carrying on bout fuh the years dat the ban was on. Now ya could get sea eggs fuh the whole month, but ya know what?

Some people still finding things tuh complain bout. Who ain’t talking bout the amount ya getting in a container and the cost, talking bout the price. I read there in the newspaper, one o’ the female cleaners saying how duh ain’t got a lot o’ roes in some o’ the shells. Thank God fuh small mercies, some got in a lot and wunna could make a dollar.

Another thing, we got a pumpkin glut right now and I see in the papers the other day, a farmer wid a big able truck load o’ pumpkins and lamenting dat he ain’t getting he pumpkins sold. A lot o’ the farmers worrying bout the people who importing this and the next and then dem ain’t getting the business. I would like dem tuh stop complaining and find a way tuh get out longside the road and sell the pumpkins tuh the locals. Conkie season coming up.

We need tuh stop complaining bout evahthing and make it work.

Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.