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Woodvine celebrates 25 years

LISA KING, [email protected]

Woodvine celebrates 25 years

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IT WAS four nights of dance delights as Louise Woodvine Dance Academy celebrated 25 years with a show at Frank Collymore Hall recently.

It was a potpourri of dance styles from classical ballet to African dance to modern to jazz from the over 250 dancers, aged four to 50.

Woodvine said the show was conceptualised as early as January and rehearsals started in April.

Speaking about her labour of love, Woodvine added that costumes were a challenge because there were as many of 50 persons in a dance piece to be outfitted.

“We looked back and we took all the pieces that we knew were strong and that we really liked, especially our National Independence Festival of Creative Arts pieces. We are not good redoing it exactly so we always try to improve on it,” Woodvine said.

She also said the school was in demand.

“We actually have to turn kids away, which is sad, but our classes are full and this is a couple of years now,” she said, adding that the academy which did a show every year played into that demand.

“They like the shows they do not just want to come to class and do the exercises; they want to put on a show,” Woodvine said. (LK)

The Clowns performing their intermediate ballet routine choreographed by Megan Navarro.