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I CONFESS: My cheating ways caught up to me


I CONFESS: My cheating ways caught up to me

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MOST MEN CAN’T handle being horned. I know because I went through it, and it wasn’t easy at all. That’s why I’m writing this. I’m hoping that by telling my story other men who face a similar experience would learn how to cope.

I was “horned” by my wife, but today we are together and I love and cherish her more than ever. In fact, she encouraged me to write this. So here goes.

I realised that my wife was “horning” me when I found a condom in her purse when I went into it unbeknownst to her to get some change to buy ice cream from the van which I could hear was in the neighbourhood.

I didn’t normally go into her purse, so if she wanted to hide something like that, that would have been the place.

When I saw that condom I immediately freaked because she had no reason to have one as we don’t use them.

We were entertaining my brother and his wife at the time, but I didn’t care. I was so angry that I went straight into the living room and hit her in her face. And when she fell to the ground, I jumped on her to beat her. If it wasn’t for my brother who pulled me off her I really don’t know what more I would have done. Given the anger and hatred I felt for her there and then, I most probably would have ended up in Dodds all like now.

Believe you me, I was never so angry in my life; I never wanted to hurt anyone the way I wanted to mash her up that day. I hope to God I am never put in a position to feel that way again about anything because, quite frankly, it made me realise that I am actually capable of taking another human being’s life – and that is scary.

That is why I hope men reading this would try to learn from my experience instead of doing something stupid that they would regret for the rest of their lives.

To fast forward, after my brother pulled me off her he pushed me outside to take me to his house. His wife stayed with mine to tend to her face. Thankfully at that time both of our children were out.

Those few hours after I attacked her were the most painful in my life. I was so angry; I had a pounding headache; my hands were shaking; I was breathing hard and sweating like a pot cover; I felt empty in my stomach but not hungry; most of all, I wanted to beat my wife senseless for having a man on me. How dare she?

All the while I was going through these emotions, my brother was shouting at me and telling me to pull myself together. In my anger I cursed him, told him to leave me alone, and tried to shove pass him. Thankfully he was bigger than me, and dropped me with one cuff and hustled me into his car. Up to this day I still thank him. Quite frankly, he saved my life as I am sure I would have gone back into the house and done something stupid.

As we were driving away, my brother kept telling me to calm down and pull myself together. And by the time we reached his house, I was breathing easier and my head was not pounding as much.

We went inside the house and that’s when he set me straight. He told me that I always bragged about how much women I have, and how some of them are married. He said now I knew how other men feel when I have their wife, and how my wife feels about my philandering.

Of course, his statement was like throwing gasoline on a smoldering fire; I flared up again. But my brother shouted me down and actually pushed me back onto his sofa when I sprung up angry with my fists clenched.

Over the next few hours we talked and talked and talked. His argument to me increasingly made sense. I was given a dose of my own medicine and it was too bitter to handle. I realised that then.

I stayed at my brother that Saturday night and his wife stayed with mine. The two of them dealt with the children as well, thank God.

On Sunday afternoon the wives came over. My wife’s cheek was swollen, but thankfully she had no cut. When I saw her face I began crying like a child and went down on my knees and begged her for forgiveness. I told her I was sorry and begged her to give me another chance, and not to leave me.

After a while my wife told me she loves me and does not intend to leave me. She just wanted to teach me a lesson for repeatedly cheating on her. She wanted me to know how she felt each time she thought of me being with another woman.

I burst out crying again because I immediately began to think about what the man would have done to her and if she enjoyed him better than me. But before that could swamp my thoughts, my wife confessed that she never actually had an affair with anyone. She got the condom and put it in her purse and started leaving it open so I could see it. She asked me if I didn’t realise that.

To make a long story short, my wife cured me of infidelity by showing me just how disgusting my actions were. She held a mirror up to me and I hated how my behaviour reflected. That’s why I would urge any man who truly loves his wife but likes to have a woman on the side to stop it.

Try to talk with your wife and get her up to speed. It makes no sense losing someone you truly trust and who loves you just for sex. Oh, I would also suggest no woman does what my wife did as that could be dangerous.