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Tread carefully on energy deal


Tread carefully on energy deal

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JUST AS GOVERNMENT has sought to protect itself and taxpayers in the sale of Barbados National Terminal Company Limited, it is now incumbent on this very government to protect itself and taxpayers, present and prospective local investors as well as entrpreneurs and producers of renewable energy.

Ralph “Bizzy” Williams has said on more than one occasion and continues to say that the sun shining on  Barbados is owned by Barbadians  and the wind that blows across the island also belongs to us.

He has made a very strong case that Barbadians should own and be guaranteed no less than 60 per cent of all renewable energy generated on the island.

I disagree with Williams, Barbadians should be guaranteed no less than 75 per cent of all renewable energy generated on the island, however, he and other like-minded individuals will always have my fullest support.

The renewable energy industry is unique and the most impactful component of Barbados’ economy for the past 300 years and Barbadians as inheritors and owners of the natural resources should be given “first refusual”  and some special concessions akin to what exist in other sectors, not necessarily at the level of what pertains in the hotel and tourism sector.

At the risk of being contradicted, Barbadians are eager, ready and willing to get involved in the business of renewable energy.

The Government must standby and be prepared to facilitate us in this relatively new and exciting undertaking.