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TALKBACK: More action, less talk, acting commissioner

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

TALKBACK: More action, less talk, acting commissioner

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BARBADIANS WOULD LIKE Acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith to stop saying crime is down – even if he has the statistics to support it.

In last Friday’s WEEKEND NATION, Griffith said there had been “one or two ugly cases” and when they happened in a cluster, “people get the feeling that crime is not on the increase, but that is not so”. 

Official police statistics revealed there were 141 cases of firearm-enabled crime, compared to 202 at the same time last year and 173 in 2014. There have been 17 murders to date – ten with firearms – but the island should be well below last year’s figure of 31.

But online readers say the Acting Commissioner is out of touch and needs to bring solutions.

Andy R. Boyce: Firearm crimes down? And almost every murder, if not all, so far for the year was done with a gun? You think Bajans dotish, just like how the politicians feel we are?

David Gill: Anyhow, let’s say we did agree with the fact that firearm-related crimes are down. The fact that there are firearm crimes indicates there are significant quantities of illegal arms out there. Why is it I never hear of any significant seizures and related arrests? It is like the top echelon is untouchable. You get one gun here and one gun there. 

The same thing seems to occur with drugs. You hear all the time about the arrest of the drug smuggler/mule but never hear about those cases being developed into the arrest of the brains behind the organisation nor the seizure of property.

John Strutton: This is still far too many for such a tiny island. Where is the reduction target and strategy for addressing the root cause, namely the drugs trade?

Francis McClean: I wish they would stop saying this.

Ricardo Boyce: Who counting this, Ray Charles or Stevie?

Ryan Gaskin: Who cares about statistics? For us who live in the real Barbados, all we doing is running from gunshots that we don’t have time to count.

Mhizz Jordan: He live on Pluto looking down.

Dwight Smoke: Crime down but the guns still around town.

Ferreira Claude: Contradictory to what we see almost weekly.

Olutoye Walrond: So what is the point of this comparison? Are we supposed to take comfort and go for a walk in the park? The point is these figures are way too high for a small country like ours, and many people are concerned about the problem. It needs to be addressed with firm action, not pep talks and stoic lectures.

Glen Antrobus: Where are the other statistics or scientific surveys to prove otherwise?

TK Lamont: Chief, I know you and your men and women are doing a good job with all the resources available. But that said, for a small island like Barbados, the results of these criminal acts on all levels are still too high.  

Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.