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Chinese DJs bringing ‘sunset’ beat

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

Chinese DJs bringing ‘sunset’ beat

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IT IS THE Year of Cultural Exchange for China, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Chinese artists are touring the territories.

A delegation is in Barbados preparing for Beijing Sunset, which will be held at the Copacabana Beach on Saturday between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Mexico was the last stop, and some representatives are currently in Costa Rica for a showcase.

Saturday’s show will see performances from three Chinese DJs, who will take turns on the wheels of steel with six local jocks and one each from Spain and Denmark.

Speaking at a press conference at Copacabana this morning, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley said he believes DJs like the ones on the Beijing Sunset card have the opportunity to earn the kind of income to stimulate their businesses. (YB)