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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t take this man anymore


DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t take this man anymore

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Dear Christine,

I HOPE YOU ARE WELL. I have a problem which I would love for you to help me solve.

I have been with a man for 14 years and have three children for him. When we first met, everything was okay until he picked up with this woman not too far from where we are living.

That broke up and then it was another woman who lived in the country. That also went up in smoke and I was around to pick up the pieces. Now he has another woman.

He gives her whatever she wants. When I asked him about her, he disowned her to me but when it all boiled down, all he said were lies.

I always tell him “you can hide and buy land but you can’t hide and work it”. I made it my business to find out about this woman and one night when he was going out, I was about to do something to him, which I knew I would regret at a later date.

Right now, I just want him out of my life but he just would not go. No matter what I do or say to him, he always comes back begging for me to take him back. I believe that this time he has gone too far.

– E.J.

Dear E.J.,

I can see that you are suffering intense provocation, but don’t let that make you lose your head and do something you will regret later.

I know vengeance is sweet but it also demands a heavy price. You must let that man understand that you are not going to put up with his unfaithfulness anymore. It’s got to be you or the other woman.

Judging from his past record, being faithful is going to be very difficult for him, but if he truly loves and treasures you, and realises that he stands a pretty good chance of losing you, he’ll likely give up his lady friends.

If he does not, then I think you two should separate. If he won’t leave you, then you leave him.

Don’t continue to pick up the pieces. Get some wheels on your heels and get far away from this intensely dangerous situation.