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Teachers’ Professional Day for their development

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Teachers’ Professional Day for their development

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MORE THAN ANYTHING else, Teachers’ Professional Day is about much needed professional development.

Today, President of the Barbados Union of Teachers Pedro Shepherd said they used the day to reassess their teaching strategies.

However, he added, even though the day was important, in the past when they had an entire week dedicated to teachers some complained it was too long.

President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union Mary Redman said they were still lobbying for a second day and had applied to the Ministry of Education several years ago.

Redman said there was an increase in the number of teachers turning out this year at Solidarity House. She placed the total at 152, up from 120. 

“We think it is a very good opportunity for teachers to deal with the issues that affect them,” she said. (MR)