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Let’s clean up our attitudes too


Let’s clean up our attitudes too

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IT IS A NATIONAL disgrace that in nearly 50 years of Independence we have four parishes in this island suffering from water shortages, and some with no water for months. The front page of your WEEKEND NATION depicted the image of what we would expect to see in a sixth world country.

I will bet you 50 years ago that woman did not have that same struggle even if she did not have running water in her home.

We are spending $7 million, or so we are told, on celebrations for Independence, but I for one vote to spend it on immediately correcting the water problems. 

Yes, new trucks are being delivered, but that is only a plaster on the festering sore. Why do we wait until things are in crisis before the problem is addressed?

Can I suggest that as we go forward into the 51st year of Independence we take a step back and pick up some of the basic things that have been dropped? These were things that Barbadians were well known and respected for manners, morals, respect, honesty, friendliness. Unfortunately, we are lacking in many of these today.

It is not too late to start over. If we are asked to clean up our properties for Independence, let us all clean up our attitudes and continue that way forever.

God bless Barbados.