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Broken Trident stops at Harrison College

MICHRON ROBINSON, [email protected]

Broken Trident stops at Harrison College

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THE COMMEMORATIVE Broken Trident made its latest stop on Crumpton Street, The City today at Harrison College.

Principal of the school Juanita Wade said some of the students had been eagerly looking forward to hosting a special ceremony on the arrival of the national emblem.

“We have been waiting for this trident from the time it was making its rounds to the different schools and we were really hoping that we would be included,” she said.

Wade said it very important as the school’s old scholars had “contributed significantly to the development of Barbados”.

Five of the island’s seven Prime Ministers attended Harrison College.

Wade said the current generation of students needed to hear of the contributions made by those old scholars, including former Prime Ministers Errol Barrow and Owen Arthur.

During the morning ceremony, the school’s talent was also on display.

Ranaan Hackett, the 2014 Junior Calypso Monarch, sang Divided which was well-received. The school’s orchestra performed and there was a dramatic reenactment of an interview Barrow did with a past student years ago.

That skit was performed by Kai Sealy, a junior who acted as the journalist, and senior student Shane Paul-Hunte who played the role of Barrow quite admirably.

Wade said there were more plans in place to celebrate Barbados’ big 50. (MR)

Harrisonians Kai Sealy (left) and Shane Paul-Hunte did a reenactment of an interview late Prime Minister Errol Barrow did with a student of the school many years ago.