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DLP unveils Independence Walk

YVETTE BEST, [email protected]

DLP unveils Independence Walk

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A SPECIAL SHOWCASE titled the Independence Walk is one of the main events in the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) celebrations for the country’s 50th anniversary of Independence.

The special space at the DLP’s George Street, St Michael headquarters was unveiled by former deputy Prime Minister Sir Philip Greaves this afternoon, and will be at the centre of the Talk 50 Competition in the Errol Barrow Gallery at the end of November

It will see primary school children vying for a $500 prize, which will be awarded to the child who correctly recites, in the shortest time, the 50 achievements highlighted in the Independence Walk.

Also on the calendar are the South Alive political meeting at Deighton Griffith School on Sunday; a steel pan concert on November 12; a Family First Independence Q reunion on November 24, and a Dinner and Dance on November 26.  These events will be held at the DLP’s George Street headquarters. (YB)