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Police probing reported attack on woman


Police probing reported attack on woman

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POLICE ARE CONDUCTING investigations into a report that a middle-aged woman was attacked and assaulted by a masked man armed with a gun sometime after 9 p.m. last night in the area of the Norman Niles Roundabout.

Anyone who can provide any information to assist with these investigations can contact the police emergency number 211, Crime Stopper 1800 (TIPS) 8477, CID District ‘A’ at 4307220, or the nearest police station.

Police reminded the general public, roadside vendors, business owners and employees to exercise extreme caution.

“A greater level of vigilance must be maintained particularly during this time of the year, as a result of the darker conditions in the environment. Additionally, special attention must also be placed on suspicious persons or activities,” a release said. (PR/NB)