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Water from air

CARLOS ATWELL, ​[email protected]

Water from air

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RON CAMPBELL HAD an inkling Barbados would be in water problems more than five years ago.

As such, the Canadian visitor jumped at the chance to partner with some Canadian investors to bring special machines here to Barbados, to generate potable water from humidity in the air.

Together with New Zealand-born local dentist Dr Derek Golding, Campbell is the co-founder of XS Water and they have big plans for Barbados.

“Water cannot be treated like in the past,” Campbell said. “When we make perfect drinking water like this, it is not for showering or flushing down the toilet.

“We have to define what we are going to drink and cook with . . . and we want to define ourselves as one of the cleanest water manufacturers with water made right here in Barbados.” (CA)

Here, Dr Derek Golding pouring some of the water made by the machine. He said it was pollution-free and some of the cleanest water available.