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YUH GAW BE KIDDIN’: Careful wuh yuh wish fuh


YUH GAW BE KIDDIN’: Careful wuh yuh wish fuh

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WUNNUH EVER REALISE that as a child yuh does want a lot of things, and as soon as you become old enough to get them you no longer want them or no longer see the reason why you wanted them?

I ain’t know bout wunnuh but I remember when I was young I wanted to drive so bad. From the time I was five years old I was on my father’s lap trying to drive the car. Then from the time I reached 16 years old, which was only a few years ago, all I wanted was my licence because driving was cool, driving was easy.

Man look, from the time I got my licence I was driving everywhere I could. If I had to go to the shop I drove, I even offered to run errands once I could drive. Furthermore, if I coulda drive to the bathroom I would’ve.

But you see now? Man, look, the most annoying thing is driving when it ready. Between traffic and goashemel drivers, it is nuff to drive you crazy, so now all I does wish for is a chauffeur.

Not to mention when yuh finally get the car that you always wanted even before you could drive. Think about it, when you thought about owning a car the only things that came to mind were how easy it would be to get from point A to B.

And secondly there was the fact that you could sleep in more because there was no need to get up early just so you could catch the bus. But little did we know that this thing called car ownership would be such a pain. If you doubt me, ask me.

You never truly understand the saying “a car does know when yuh have money” until you own a car. As soon as you even think about getting money something does go wrong. Yuh does have to service it, it need new tyres, the wipers want changing or a light blow.

These are things we never noticed when we were borrowing someone else’s vehicle. And let’s not talk about the fact that you are now responsible for gas.

And by a raise of hands – not like I could see, but still – how many of you have borrowed a car and returned it without putting back in any gas or just putting in enough to get it to quarter tank? Try that now with your own vehicle and see if yuh don’t cut out while gine cross de highway in de middle of the roundabout, and got to get tow.

Bottom line, be careful what you wish for.

I am Toni-Ann “Acka” Johnson. Love, peace and Mazola Corn Oil.  Email: [email protected]