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Harding leads Deighton to victory


Harding leads Deighton to victory

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ONE WOULD THINK that standout swimmers Danielle Titus and Nkosi Dunwoody, taking respective victrix and victor ludorum titles with 60 and 58 points, would see Armstrong dethroning Deighton at the Harrison College inter-house swim meet.

However, when the last event was completed at the Aquatic Centre yesterday it was almost destiny for Destiny Harding to create the wave for Deighton to take the crown for the third year in a row.

Armstrong, big names and all, were way back in the third spot with 448.5 points, some 244 points behind Deighton.

The second position went to Collymore with 512, while Dalton, who dominate Kolij’s events on land, seemed out to sea in bringing up the rear with 408 points.

Please read the full story in today’s Saturday Sun, or in the eNATION edition.