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Ready for real thing

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Ready for real thing

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THIS SHOCKING SCENE which occurred in the heart of The City yesterday morning struck fear and despair into the hearts of many an onlooker.

Fortunately, all of the occupants of this vehicle ended the day unharmed as they were merely part of an emergency services simulation to showcase their disaster preparedness.

With smoke coming from the charred remains of one vehicle and three “bloodied” and “trapped” occupants in another, the Barbados Fire Service (BFS) sprang into action with their fire hoses and jaws of life.

Seemingly unaware it was a simulation, hundreds of Barbadians paused to watch as the BFS pried the doors and roof off the truck (pictured here), making way for personnel from the ambulance service. (AD) (Picture by Sandy Pitt.)