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Glendairy’s gallows


Glendairy’s gallows

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IT LAST SWUNG in 1984.

And despite many attempts from then until Glendairy burned on March 30, 2005, the gallows deep in the bowels of the historic 1853 building has been silent.

Yesterday, hundreds got the opportunity to look at where Errol “Mopsie” Farrell, Noel Jordan and Melvin Inniss took their last breaths before dropping to their deaths on October 10, 1984.

With the noose, the straight jacket and its lever on display on the trap door, all still in good working condition, it was a sight that enthralled Glendairy’s open day visitors.

Here, assistant chief officer Anthony Holder, who constantly warned against stepping on the trap door, regaling the crowd with the stories of the Gallows. (Picture by Heather-Lynn Evanson.)