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TONI THORNE: Why not Hillary?


TONI THORNE: Why not Hillary?

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WHILE IN MIAMI, I watched one of the presidential debates with some other Barbadians. What continues to intrigue me is the fact that the more flagrant Trump’s comments become and the more it is shown that he is not as aware of policy as Hillary is, Americans find it difficult to be “with her”.

Whenever I have raised a question about why Americans seem less inclined to rally behind Mrs Clinton I get various reasons. I am told about Watergate, Emailgate and the list goes on. With politics, there is always the expectation of scandal and while this is an unacceptable stance it would be naive to state the opposite.

I have not approved of some elements I have been told but there are some reasons I have been given which disappoint me. However, there are seven sides to a story.

Firstly, there is the discomfort with the fact that she is a woman. In Boston, one person told me that her campaign slogan lacks a main message and when I pointed out the significance of “I’m with Her”, I was told that it is a dangerous message which marginalises many people. In my opinion, if a feminist message marginalises a group of people, it says a lot about the advancement of feminism in America. I personally see “I’m with Her” just as inspiring as “Make America Great Again” because if America is to be great again, there must be equality.

Secondly, there are some who believe that two Clintons should not be presidents and this signifies the creation of a dynasty as with the case of the Bushes.If someone is the most qualified for the job, it does not matter if their mother, father or uncle went before them. I see this sentiment a lot in Barbados as well.

People like to make others feel guilty for the apparent results of their family connections even when these said people work hard for what is theirs or emerge as the best candidate for an opportunity. Society likes to keep a number on how much success someone should have. So what if her husband was also a president? Supporters of this view sound more envious-minded than they know.

Thirdly, I have been told that Hillary lacks charisma and is very unrelatable. Well, she is a wealthy white woman who served both as a Flotus (First lady of the United States) and then Secretary of State, so I am not sure how many people have walked in those shoes.

The same is not said of Trump and although 90 per cent of his books are on my bookshelves and make for excellent reading, I do not find him relatable.

Some have expressed that Hillary is boring. Does one need a president who is qualified or is entertaining? It is baffling the reasons and characteristics people expect from a country’s leader. The president is not to be your friend. The president is to get the job done.

This is an interesting election which will definitely go down in history. At this stage, despite the fact that Hillary is being touted as the outright winner, I watched her on television saying we should not believe those polls. The race is tighter than we think. I read an article which said, “the problem with Hillary is Hillary”. Perhaps, the problem with Hillary is America. Time will tell and hopefully on election night, the people of America will do what is best.

Toni Thorne is a young entrepreneur and World Economic Forum Global Shaper who loves global youth culture, a great debate and living in paradise. Email: [email protected]