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Two more Glendairy tours


Two more Glendairy tours

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PEOPLE WHO MISSED last Saturday’s tour of HMP Glendairy will have another opportunity to journey behind the prison walls this weekend.

The gates of the Station Hill, St Michael, facility will again be open to the public this Saturday and Sunday, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Those taking the tour will be able to journey through the prison corridors and visit the cells of the notorious Winston Hall and see the gallows up close.

The famous prison sweet bread, arts and craft, food and drink will be on sale on both days.

A park and ride system will be in effect from the Netball and National Stadiums to HMP Glendairy and back.

There is an entrance fee, and interested persons may contact 416-6900, for more information. (BGIS)