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Broomes creates $4 000 teacher award


Broomes creates $4 000 teacher award

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A MATHEMATICS TEACHER at Daryll Jordan Secondary is the first recipient of the Jeff Broomes Award Of Education Excellence, which was launched at the Trents, St Lucy school yesterday.

Annastacia Branch, who has been teaching there since 2003, was elated and surprised when she was chosen to receive the $4 000 award from retired educator Jeff Broomes. He spent 22 years of his career at the northern school.

“This school has done everything for me as a professional,” Broomes told students and staff in the school hall.

“I want you as children to respect what you are getting here. Don’t worry about the fancy schools ‘bout the place. This school is my fancy school and I will always owe a great debt to the Daryll Jordan Secondary.”

“Today I am starting my journey of giving back to this great school, so I want today to establish an annual award at this school . . . . It will be given to a teacher who, in the opinion of the leadership of the school, goes above and beyond and is focused on excellence, not only in teaching but excellence in interaction with children; excellence in commitment to the school. These are things that are important to me,” he added.

The prize will ensure Branch’s attendance to the 2017 annual conference of the Association for Supervision of Curriculum Development in California, United States.

A thankful Branch said: “I love what I do and I will continue to do the best that I can for those who are in my charge.” (RL)